Archival Clothing - Made in USA

Founded in Eugene, Oregon in 2009, Archival makes durable objects that are practical and free of complications.

Our Philosophy

Best-quality materials Careful design for long life, always Made in USA. Simple, timeless appeal

Wide range of use Open to interpretation Intended for everyday use

Free of Complications
Objects stripped to their essence No superfluous features Minimal material use

Our Materials

All of our fabrics are from a family-owned dyeing and finishing house in the USA. – Our cotton webbing is custom woven for us in the USA. It has a uniquely dense weave we believe to be unmatched for durability. While it is initially stiff, it breaks in to be remarkably supple without losing its toughness. – Our leather is from Chicago’s storied Horween tannery, famous for extremely high quality leathers. – Our solid brass hardware is from England, Japan, and Taiwan. We are very selective in our hardware, ensuring that we use ovals that don’t spin in their loops, heavy gauge brass rings for long life, and snaps that don’t jingle. – We use brass zippers exclusively from factories in the USA.

Always Made in USA

All our goods are Made in USA, without exception. We use as many US-sourced materials as possible without sacrificing quality. Even our packaging is domestically produced. We believe strongly in investing in our community, and we act accordingly. Your dollar is your vote.